Meaningful Purpose

A Primer in Logoteleology

by Luis A. Marrero & Daniel E. Persuitte



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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/12/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 236
ISBN : 9781663233837
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 236
ISBN : 9781663232137
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ISBN : 9781663233844

About the Book

What is my meaning, what is my purpose? How are they different? Why do these matter? What can I do to make my life more meaningful? Is purpose something we discover, or something we create? How does meaning play a role in being successful in life? Logoteleology, also known as Meaningful Purpose Psychology, or more simply MP, provides the foundation and understanding that are needed to answer these and other life-defining questions that we all come across in some way each day in our personal and professional lives. Explored throughout this book are the basics of meaning, purpose, motivation, and much more that are the groundwork of MP. Marrero and Persuitte lay this out in a way that is useful both to individuals who seek to find and connect to meaning and purpose in life, as well as for those who coach and guide others. A handy introductory guide to Meaningful Purpose Psychology, this text builds on the science first introduced in the award-winning book The Path to a Meaningful Purpose, authored by Luis A. Marrero, incorporating further insights and concepts from this evolving psychological theory and practice. Starting from the central thesis of MP, “Mankind…does not suffer from a lack of answers. Rather, it suffers despite the answers being available”, this text includes a fresh perspective and greater clarity to the blocks to meaning we experience as part of this paradox. The methodology included in this text shows how we can increase self-awareness to these obstructions of reality and truth. By using the information and methods explored throughout this text we are on a meaningful journey toward being the best versions of ourselves - as communicators, leaders, partners, parents, employees, coaches, teammates, friends, and members of the communities, groups, and organizations to which we belong. Welcome to the path!

About the Author

Daniel E. Persuitte is a licensed Master Logoteleology Practitioner and a partner in the Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose. As a long-term student of logoteleology, Daniel has progressed through mentorship with Luis Marrero from pupil to partner and co-author. Working together with Luis to add to concepts, refine theory, and progress models, Daniel also maintains a strong focus on the practical application of meaningful purpose psychology methods and tools. Daniel has practiced logoteleology throughout his professional roles for more than a decade to significant positive impact and results. As a leader and coach, Daniel has approached life as a living laboratory of sorts, testing MP premises and methods to benefit others and his own perspectives. Consistently receiving feedback from peers and other colleagues that emphasises inspiration, selfawareness, self-motivation and the motivation of others, and a strong focus on the why behind actions and opportunities are examples of how the use of logoteleology has brought positive ends. In addition, Daniel has experienced profound meaning and purpose in his personal life through his journey with logoteleology. He consistently finds meaningful purpose psychology to bring positive outcomes in relationships, planning/goal setting, and achieving meaningful results. This is Daniel’s first book, and he plans to continue to write and contribute to the production of materials regarding logoteleology through his continued work in the field. Daniel is currently a program and team lead in the information technology division at a global insurance and financial services company. Prior to this, Daniel had worked with other highly recognizable brands in the automobile and audio technology industries. In addition to these roles, Daniel has been and remains an active member of several high-profile professional associations and industry groups. Daniel holds an undergraduate degree in business psychology from the University of Massachusetts—Amherst. Pursuing the education brought a valuable mechanism for growing and evolving his perspectives in all facets of life, among them how to view the way he and others worked in the organizational systems in which they all participated. As meaning, motivation, and purpose were key themes Daniel focused on, progressing xii through leadership opportunities (both formal and informal) made available chances to put into practice what learnings and other insights he had. A lifelong learner, Daniel continues his formal education as a current student at the University of Massachusetts Isenberg School, pursuing an MBA specializing in business analysis. Applying this education and the broadening of perspective that accompanies studying, learning, and growing continues to benefit Daniel as a professional and as a student of business, psychology, and throughout life. Daniel works in Massachusetts, where he lives with his wife Nahir and their two children Isabel and Isaac. Luis A. Marrero is the founding partner of the Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose and the pioneer of meaningful purpose psychology (MP) and Organization Development 2.0 (OD2.0). Since studying and doing his graduate thesis work on Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis (TA) psychology in the late ’70s, Luis leveraged his knowledge of psychology, developed methods, and delivered solutions that would meet and exceed business goals. During the ’80s, Luis designed ‘people-first’ leadership and organization development solutions to intrinsically motivate stakeholders to outperform expectations. This ‘people-first’ approach became the foundation for his OD2.0 theory and methods. Over time, adding to his TA (influenced by Freud’s analytical psychology) knowledge, Luis was later influenced by four masters in their respective fields: Kurt Lewin’s social psychology, Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy, Alfred Adler’s individual psychology, and Harold Bridger’s Tavistock. Luis was mentored by Dr. Bridger and taught Tavistock laboratories at NTL Institute during the ’80s and ’90s. These giants of the field, in addition to others, helped him shape the propositions to what is today meaningful purpose psychology, or its scientific name, logoteleology, the subject of this his second book. While his interventions were successful, Luis was intrigued by what social, economic, and organizational macro-indicators revealed. Psychology and other solutions were having a limited positive impact in people’s daily lives and within organizations. Instead, these indicators were going in the wrong direction over the years; discovering why this phenomenon was happening and finding a remedy became a life quest. This quest led to the creation of meaningful purpose psychology and his first book, The Path to a Meaningful Purpose: Psychological Foundations of Logoteleology. Even before the publication of The Path, Luis has been applying, refining, and teaching logoteleological methods and solutions to therapists, consultants, counselors, coaches, college professors, industry leaders, and the general public. In addition, through his practice as a coach, OD consultant, and assessing leaders, Luis, with fellow collaborator, Daniel E. Persuitte, has been polishing both the theory and approaches. This second book reveals the theory’s advancement. Luis earned his B.A. in History from Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan, and his M.A. in Human Resource Management from the University of Puerto Rico. In addition, he did post-graduate studies at NTL Institute, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology and earned professional certifications. He conducts psychological and leadership assessments, coaches, and consults with Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Luis lives and works in Massachusetts and Florida with his wife, Nahir. He enjoys riding his bicycle and studying psychology, leadership, and history.