Out of the Rabble

Ending the Global Economic Crisis by Understanding the Zimbabwean Experience

by David Chiweza



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Language : English
Publication Date : 3/20/2013

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Page Count : 164
ISBN : 9781475973846
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About the Book

The world economy is in a crisis. From the United States to Europe to Africa, growing uncertainty exists over the future. In the midst of this, however, some nations are thriving. In Out of the Rabble, author David Chiweza dissects the real causes of the financial crisis and presents likely scenarios for the future.

Based on Zimbabwe’s past forty-five years of experience, Chiweza, a resident of Zimbabwe, relates his nation’s economic fortunes to markets and establishes that all emerging economies have leveraged monopolistic domestic markets to overtake advanced economies. He sheds light on the causes of Zimbabwe’s infamous economic crisis and details an industrialisation blueprint with universal strategies that have catapulted underdog nations to succeed against the odds.

A comprehensive and insightful exposition of the Zimbabwean and global economic crisis, Out of the Rabble proclaims that the free markets doctrine has benefited stronger economies. It not only reveals the factors influencing the current crisis but presents a sobering exposition of economic dynamics that mark the emergence of a new economic order.

About the Author

David Chiweza

earned a master’s degree in strategic management from the University of Derby. He is a strategist with extensive business, industrial, military, and diplomatic experience who, in 2000, predicted the current global economic crisis. Chiweza is the author of HIV and AIDS: The Last Stand. He and his wife live in Zimbabwe.