Rebel Moms

The Off-Road Map for the Off-Road Mom

by Davina Rhine



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Language : English
Publication Date : 11/18/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 628
ISBN : 9781462026517
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 628
ISBN : 9781462026531
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 628
ISBN : 9781462026524

About the Book

2014 and 2015 Museum of Motherhood NYC & Barnes and Noble Selected Title for the Essential Sixty Books for your M.O.M Readers List: Get the book BUST Magazine and Hip Mama Zine love for helping bad ass women become bad ass moms! Great reviews by them, as well as the UKs Academic Journal Tongue, and the Bloomington Roller Derby Examiner. Modern motherhood has changed; it isn’t just frilly aprons, mini-vans, and soccer practice anymore. You are a modern mom—a rebel mom—ready to raise your kids while running a successful business, starting a band, or finding your voice, while doing the things you love and fighting for what's right. Even so, the path to epic mom rebellion is not always easy. Meet the women who have seen, conquered, and survived—making a difference, doing things their own way and on their own terms. They are activists, teachers, veterans, firefighters, pin-ups, fast food workers, tattoo artists, and more. A rebel mom has no set definition beyond her tendency to elude definition. These women, from varying places and backgrounds, have seen it all: divorce, abuse, depression, and disability. They have succeeded and raised children with tough grins on their faces. Are you a new or expecting mother? Are you a mother who's fed up with the super-mom/super-woman myth? Or are you a pro who’s been there and done that, but would still love to learn from other rebel moms? It’s never too late to learn a new trick, and motherhood is never the same for anyone. Cultures change, as do child-rearing practices, but certain aspects of being a mom are universal and timeless—love, support, and strength. The rebel moms have mastered the art of motherhood, and you can embrace the revolution. Meet the Rebel Moms here and now! Rebel Moms Review written by Alyson Palmer for Bust Magazine 05/06 12 Issue: "Becoming a mother is the biggest gift and the biggest challenge on Earth. Nothing can prepare a woman for the shocking, radical change in her circumstances when her life becomes no longer hers alone. For women out of the mainstream, that shift can be even more profound. Davina Rhine has assembled a collection of biographies of subculture sirens to help others find their way to Mamaville. There are stories about rocker moms trying to balance touring and tots, artist moms discovering new forms of expression, sex workers finding ways to educate and empower their daughters, and other nontraditional mothers overcoming unexpected obstacles. Straight or gay, happily married, divorced, single, or co-parenting, all of these hip mamas are fiercely devoted to consciously mothering on their own terms. Through their tales of tragedy and triumph, tips and trials, the same theme dominates the collection, a truism as old as motherhood: it takes a village to raise a child. The more tattooed and pierced, unapologetic and nonconforming the villagers, the more important the sisterhood." Rebel Moms Review written by Keiza Willingham of Hip Mama: The Parenting Zine; issue 52 The Support Issue: "Rebel Moms by Davina Rhine is a hefty tome that includes interviews with fifty courageous mothers who are living life on their own terms. The book is jam packed with tributes to moms who defy the norm: many are tattooed, artists, and self-employed doing work they love. You will find stories of veterans, abuse survivors, writers, musicians, activists, and tattoo artists. These women are not afraid to live life to the fullest and who know that attaining their goals doesn't happen overnight. Ariel Gore, author and founder of Hip Mama, discusses parenting teens and her fabulous first book deal. Mother Nature, musician, states "The one thing that this society hates most, especially from a woman and mother, is unapologetic honesty," as she discusses art as empowerment. Taj Anwar, PhD., talks about Mothers of Black/Brown Babies (MOBB), the street activist group that she started to lend support to women of color. I read the E-book version and found myself wanting a hard copy to keep by my bedside. I enjoyed hearing about the struggles and successes of so many women who are actively exploring how to balance their creative needs with the unyielding demands of parenting. If you are looking for a road map, inspiration, or validation, this is the book to turn to! Rebel Moms Review written by Leah Drichel the Bloomington Roller Derby Examiner: Reader Review of Rebel Moms: "In the current political climate, with the Occupy Movement, and people across the globe beginning to take a stand for what they believe in, Davina Rhine has produced a timely and poignant piece of work that communicates to mothers that it's perfectly OK (beautiful, even!) to be who you are and to believe what you believe and to model this for your children. In the average day, a Mom can fight a soul-wearying battle with Judgment and Guilt, but Ms. Rhine's work frees a mother from this burden, by showcasing real-life moms that are "off the beaten path". Truly refreshing. Truly encouraging." Rebel Moms Full Page Review in the UKs Literary Magazine 'Tongue' Issue Celebration REBEL MOMS Page 51. Rebel Moms is a reactionary series of mini-biographies about subculture mothers; it stands up against the misogynistic views held about the role of mothers in society and introduces those women that you will never see in the fairy liquid adverts. The American writer, Davina Rhine, celebrates those women that have not fallen to the social pressures that force many mothers to lose their identities, and who have instead fought to create a more promising future for their children. This book presents women who, despite some terrible and unspeakable beginnings, are warriors against gender inequality, the sex trade, racism, and war. As I’m not a mother these women have become, inspirational and reassuring, mentors for when I’m ready to take that terrifying leap into motherhood. They are a reminder of how single mothers are able to look after their children and not drag up future convicts, and how having lots of tattoos doesn’t make you a bad mother who encourages dissention in your children. Instead these ‘Moms’ promote individuality, strength of will, and nurturing the next generation. Rebel Moms is not just parenting book it’s a commentary on the multiple pressures on parents today that are detrimental to the upbringing of a child. It also considers how children are born into these conditions and therefore are forced to grow up too soon by becoming sexualised in order to function in a consumerist society. It is a testament to the importance of having self-esteem throughout your life, including within relationships, by being strong enough to end a relationship that is damaging to you and your child’s wellbeing. The effect that the series of biographies had was to present the testimony of women which created a sense of unity that would have been impossible without it. I think it’s very important for young mothers that are marginalized by the Martha Stewart expectations of the Post-Cold War housewife to know they’re not alone and are to be celebrated. Women that have their stories written on their skin, hair that changes with their moods, fighting for their country in army gear, and fighting for the future on the picket line with babies on their backs. They might not know how to put together the perfect dinner party but Rhine’s rebels are inspirational in a way that truly matters. She writes difficult topics without sentimentalizing, without portraying them as a victim, but at the same time with sensitivity and appropriately applied humor.

About the Author

Davina Rhine is the author of Rebel Moms: The Off Road Map for the Off Road Mom which has garnered indie cult book status and great reviews by the Radical Housewife, BUST Magazine, Hip Mama Zine, Bloomington Roller Derby Examiner, UKs Academic Journal Tongue, and Feminists For Choice. She lives in Texas with her amazing boys and fur family. She continues to try to shine while living with chronic pain from auto immune diseases. She loves archaeology, felines, dinosaurs, meditation and green tea. In addition to her books, she has written work published by: Altar Magazine of NYC, The Women's Press, Women's United Nations Report Network, the Feminist Review, and more. She's been a featured mom in local mags like Dallas Child, and the Advocate. Her work was published in the book anthology If Women Ruled the World by Inner Ocean Press. Jeffrey Levine of Tupelo Press has called her work, "strong and propulsive." As a biographer and story teller, she is currently writing The Authorized Biography of Janis Martin: The Female Elvis. You can check out her musings at Rebellion and on Facebook.