Mindsets and Methods for Becoming and Being

by Ronald D. Gordon, Ph.D.



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Language :
Publication Date : 9/30/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 264
ISBN : 9781462045945

About the Book

If you’re encountering this book, it may be because you’re meant to be with it at this time in your life, that there’s something here you’re supposed to hear and do. The book is written in that spirit, as if certain words on these pages can invigorate your Actualization mindset, and propel you further upward on your Actualizing journey.

Actualizing is unfolding and cultivating our human potentials, and becoming more fully-functioning human beings at the levels of mind, body, heart, spirit, and relationship. This volume is fi lled with more than seven hundred mindset messages, mindfulness reminders, visualizations, affi rmations, quotes, refl ections, questions, and exercises. Nuggets here can support and jumpstart your Actualizing adventure, the one you’ve been on your whole life, and that you’re now wanting to take to the next level.

You’ll dip into this volume to get motivated, focused, and energized. You’ll become steeped in self-awareness, relaxation of body and mind, interpersonal communication, fi nding authentic voice, generative dialogue, high quality listening, intentionality, affi rmation, visualization, present-centeredness, and balance and wholeness. A few minutes each day, and your Actualizing process is accelerated.

About the Author

Ronald D. Gordon (Ph.D., University of Kansas) is Professor of Communication at the Hilo campus of The University of Hawai'i. He teaches Interpersonal Communication, Seminar in Human Dialogue, Seminar in Listening, and Communication and Leadership. He has served as chair of the Department of Communication at UH-Hilo, and his scholarship has appeared in twenty different academic venues, including the Journal of Multicultural Discourses, China Media Research, Small Group Behavior, Journal of Business Communication, Psychological Reports, Perceptual and Motor Skills, Human Communication, and Communication Quarterly.