Nimepumzika 2009 - Mashairi ya Kisasa

Modern Swahili Poetry

by Darda King



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Language :
Publication Date : 8/25/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 116
ISBN : 9781440160288

About the Book

About the Author

Born in the land of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Growing up in the streets of Kinondoni, Dar-es-Salaam. When I look back, I am really thankful to God for the life path I went through, because everything in my life has been a stepping stone towards success. From where I am from to where I am at, I consider myself a successful person though I am still hungry for more success. This is to say you should expect bigger and better things every time I release something. Looking back, when I was about seven years old, I remember singing with other children in the streets of Kinondoni, from entertaining Muslims during the month of Ramadhan with Kuladaku songs, to beating the big drum and lead singing in Sunday school. I will always thank my beloved uncles Hiza and Mhina Mngodo, also my wonderful friend Oliver Twist Mwaikambo for giving me my first guitar lessons as a child, which helped me to become a very skilled musician. At the age of 12, I got more music lessons from Dar-es-Salaam music genius, Mr. Kapizo, who taught me to read music and to play several musical instruments. Between the ages of 14 and18, I founded a band by the name of T.B.C with Joel Balisidya and James Sabuni. As T.B.C. band we performed on several occasions including graduations, conferences and weddings before its breakup in 1996. Meanwhile, I was playing rhythm guitar(second solo) in a few other bands including church bands. I didn't stop there, when I went to high school in Moshi, Kilimanjaro, I started a group called Wagalatia. Wagalatia performed for school graduations at almost every school in Kilimanjaro, for weddings, and also at churches and funerals. Choirmaster! Yes I was. As I choirmaster, our Azajangwa choir went all the way to national finals in Mwanza region year 1995. On this I will give credit to Mr. Mkichwe, choirmaster of Azania front church who let me use his best compositions to lead Azajangwa choir to the finals. One of the two subjects I ever succeeded in during my school career was Swahili composition, thanks to my closest Swahili teacher the late Mama Bunto. This helped me to become a very talented writer. During all this, I wrote a lot verses for songs I would later record. Moving from my native land (East Africa) to a whole new world (America) did not stop me as a multi-talented producer/composer/singer from pursuing my music career. I managed to record two albums, “Shinikizo” in 2003 and “Nimerudi 2005” in 2005. With his style of knocking down “wapambe nuksi” and lifting up “Mazichi” giving me good recognition, I struck again with my third album “Nimekubalika 2006” which hit the stores in early 2006. While still on fire, I released my forth album “Nimeshinda 2007” early in 2007. Year 2008 was hard. The world was still spinning while I was on hold. I explained in some of my poems why I couldn’t release album in 2008 and 2009. After being silent for a year, I am coming back different, this time with a book, a Swahili poet book titled “Nimepumzika 2009-Mashairi ya kisasa”. The book consists of thirty Swahili poems and Swahili slang dictionary to translate Swahili slang words that I used in the book and in the songs I wrote. Swahili professors who read my poems told me my composition is one of the best they ever came across.