Trust the Truth

Only the truth can cure the "hunger is starvation" delusion.

by Andrew B. Chung MD/PhD



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Publication Date : 6/23/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 56
ISBN : 9781440147661
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ISBN : 9781440147678

About the Book

Have you ever wondered why the Pharisees had to pay a large sum of money to Judas Iscariot to identify Jesus Christ for the Temple Guard, who presumably had seen Jesus teaching at the Temple enough times to recognize Him on their own in order to arrest Him?

Reading and understanding "Trust the Truth" allows us to unlock this and many other mysteries in the Bible including especially Luke 17:37 where it is written that Jesus answered in response to a question concerning the physical location of His second coming:

"Where there is a dead body, the vultures will gather." -- LORD Jesus Christ (Luke 17:37)

Reading and understanding "Trust the Truth" prepares us for not being left behind as were Cleopas and Simon.

This book is a sequel to Be Hungry

About the Author

Dr. Andrew B. Chung is a board-certified cardiologist, who also has a Ph.D. in Human Genetics and Molecular Medicine from Emory University. He is the author of the controversial "Be Hungry" book, which documents a Spirit-guided exegesis of Biblical verses that allow an understanding about how we are to physically recognize Christ Jesus when He physically returns for us to meet Him in the air. Since 9/11/2001, Dr. Chung has been called to teach about the terrible "hunger is starvation" delusion that is causing the irrational compulsion to overconsume leading to both poor physical and spiritual health. He continues to have a solo office-based cardiology practice in Atlanta, Georgia, a location where he lives, plays, and worships with his wife E-Lee and daughter Celestin.