The Voices Arrive

Book II of The Voices Saga

by William Stolley



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 10/19/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 340
ISBN : 9781440175749

About the Book

Nine psychics have come together to form a group of individuals with similar traits. Fleeing China aboard a stolen jet, they have eluded their military pursuers and now search for a home – a secluded place to live out their life away from the rest of humanity. Yet even as they leave China behind, the group cannot decide which direction to fly. “We must establish a base if we are to survive,” the group’s founder Michael Tyler insists.

However, no one can agree on a single vision. Each psychic has his or her own idealistic version of a utopian society they would build. Each psychic is full of unanswered questions. Where should they start this psychic town? Will their special power give them enough advantage to begin a new community? What place on the planet can provide enough isolation to shield the group from humanity’s curious yet judgmental eyes? As they struggle to determine their purpose and their future, they must also find a niche for their individual strengths.

So begins Book II of “The Voices Saga,” as author William L Stolley seeks a permanent home for his ongoing cast of nine characters: American Michael Tyler, sole survivor of his father’s estate; Cecilia Beaton, the Canadian high school graduate; Villi the Russian ex-cop who loves to work on cars; the rest from China: Master Li the ex-professor of English, Han the bureaucratic strategist, Zinian and Zhiwei freshman friends at college, Su Lin the student who loves to cook, and Chou the second year math student. How will this disparate group of individuals fit together to form a working community? A spark of light appears on the horizon and the answers to all of their questions become abundantly clear.

About the Author

William Stolley began his life of storytelling by acting in the theater at the age of three. Through the years, he has continued to act, write, and direct for theater, film, and television. Although born and raised in the Midwest, he currently lives wih his wife and son in North Carolina. Earlier this year, he successfully published the first novel in this series, "The Distant Voices."