Zenji-Children of the Ancient Ones: Ras'hi's Revenge

by Robert L. Magnus



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/12/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 304
ISBN : 9781532093449

About the Book

Befriended by the mysterious Zenji who could control the very elements of nature and space, and made living on the planet Tarr possible, Kyrell Ortrok had read every story he could find about the 300-year war that had been started by one of their own. Holding command over 30 three-headed dragons known as ShinDarKynon, Xan’thix had nearly killed them all before finally being defeated and sent into the Great Void. As for mankind however, his warring ways continued, until the children of the Ancient Ones could no longer stand by without trying to help. Leaving their sanctuaries, they gradually befriended the people and became mediators to the different rulers and eventually established the Tournament of Peace. But in the dreaded Swamps of Antor, Xan’thix last living heir, Ras’hi, wanted only revenge. Able to command fire and stone, her powers were great, but she alone was not enough. But then, just when she might have given up, she learned of a legendary jewel known as the Dragon’s Eye. By itself it was nothing more than a sparkling green jewel, but when prepared and placed above a specially designed Pit of Souls, it would make her the most powerful being on Tarr. Unaware of such plans for revenge and conquest however, neither Kyrell Ortrok who, along with his friend, Oryan De Hovak, had just arrived in the seaport of Alona for the next great Tournament, had any way of knowing that the very fate of their world would soon rest in their hands.

About the Author

Biography - Having loved fantasy all my life, I’ve always been fascinated with dragons and magic and have been writing short stories since a young child. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and spent almost 4 years in the Navy. I have 3 children. I’ve been happily married since 1974 to the love of my life and currently live in Arlington, Texas.