A real-life account of two teachers, one Vietnamese and one American, in a small town in the Central Highlands of Vietnam from 1967 to 1969.

by James J. Flannery



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Publication Date : 3/30/2009

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Page Count : 248
ISBN : 9781440131943
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About the Book

There are many misconceptions about Vietnam. There is much more to Vietnam than we have been told on the evening network news or by Hollywood. For our soldiers, Vietnam was a frightening, mysterious place after the sun set. This book will show a very different Vietnam, from the perspective of schoolteachers who lived on a farm in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

One common misconception of Vietnam was that the Viet Cong were all Communists. In truth, the Viet Cong were not "one big happy family of Communists," but were in as much disarray as the Saigon government. Some were indeed Communist, but others were Capitalist, and considered themselves "Nationalists." Some wanted to see North and South Vietnam united, and some wanted simply to rid themselves of a corrupt and tyrannical Saigon regime. This fact comes into sharp focus when Viet Cong Finance and Justice Minister, Truong Nhu Tang contacts Nu and Jim.

About the Author

Author was a freelance schoolteacher in An Tuc, Vietnam from October, 1967 to November, 1969. Traveled extensively throughout Vietnam and the Southeast Asia area, by motorcycle. Now retired, I own a successful pet-sitting service in the Littleton, Colorado area, and do volunteer work.