How Adult Stem Cell Therapies Can Save Your Life

Medicine’s Best Kept Secret Saved My Life

by Bernard van Zyl



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Language : English
Publication Date : 3/20/2009

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Page Count : 172
ISBN : 9781935278429
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ISBN : 9781935278412

About the Book

Laced with hope and promise for sufferers of seemingly incurable illnesses, How Adult Stem Cell Therapies Can Save Your Life: Medicine’s Best Kept Secret Saved My Life reveals that non-controversial adult stem cell therapies are already available for those with serious diseases and injuries. This book is a practical guide to those seeking adult stem cell treatments with step-by-step instructions on how to use the Internet to locate suitable FDA approved clinical trials for almost all major infirmities

Seven years ago, van Zyl suffered cardiac arrest; his heart literally stopped until doctors shocked his chest. Over the next ten months, after receiving bypass surgery, an angioplasty, and entering a cardiac rehabilitation program, van Zyl’s heart was still deteriorating. Turned down by two heart transplant centers, van Zyl’s only hope lay in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or more specifically, a new FDA-approved clinical trial for adult stem cell therapies.

One of 24 patients selected with heart failure, van Zyl entered the aggressive treatment group in 2004, where adult stem cells were harvested from van Zyl’s own body and injected directly into his failing heart. The results were astonishing. Now 75, van Zyl lives a healthy, vigorous life.

How Adult Stem Cell Therapies Can Save Your Life offers a plethora of information on the latest adult stem cell treatments for over a dozen diseases and conditions. While much has been made of the medical viability and ethical concerns of other types of stem cell therapies, van Zyl is living proof that adult stem cell therapies can save lives.

About the Author

A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Bernard van Zyl was a senior research scientist for a major aerospace company and a researcher of rare earth minerals. Diagnosed with congestive heart failure, van Zyl was selected for a pioneering FDA-approved adult stem cell treatment group. He lives in Winter Park, FL.