The Price of Sin

Through the Experiences

by Kenneth Lincoln Delevante III



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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/9/2008

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781440111693
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781440111686

About the Book

In the days that we live in today I understand that sometimes we have to watch ourselves and what we do. I think that we should have a better attitude toward mankind and understand that we are equal in everything. We all bleed the same and hurt the same so why cant we just be the same. I want equality towards people and respect. I would like for people to understand that there will be hardships but to take them like a grain of salt. There may be good that comes out of bad and bad that comes out of good. People should stay away from drama and live their own life. Im tired of people picking on others past instead of worrying about their own. I love people and think that we should all love people no matter what breed, sex, religion, disability or situations. I think we should start understanding a little better to better the situation instead of judging it. Were all here together so we should learn to live together. If you know my friends you would know I have a variety of friends from different colors, beliefs, and attitudes. I believe that there will be heaven on earth we just have to try at it. I know it is easier to do wrong then it is to do right but it never hurts to try to do right. I hate when people cut others to get ahead in life instead of helping that other person. I believe that we are one and only one and until we can see that then we will not get anywhere in this life.

About the Author

My name is Kenneth Delevante and I was born in Fort Pierce, Fl. I am twenty eight years old and have a pretty neutral attitude about things since ive experienced so much in my life its hard for me to judge. I realize that we are all human and we will make mistakes. I express myself through art and am only really myself around the people I truly know. I realize there is alot that goes on in this world and it is my personal goal for people to realize that we are all equal no matter the mistakes we make. Except for those that try to bring you down, I ve experienced hardships in my life and would hate for people to go through things but its just a fact of life. I have said things in my life just like anyone else that could cause harm so I try my hardest to hold my tongue and try to not harm anyone. My friends would say all kinds of crazy things about me cause If its been done ive probly done more. Ive had lots of crazy experiences that are real crazy stories that people wouldnt believe really I dont believe them sometimes but it happened. Im like anyone else and wish I could turn back the hands of time and change some things but that cannot be done. So I live for today and leave my past behind me. I try not to do damage onto others but I realize that i've done more damage onto myself. So I age and mature more and realize that if you do good things, good things happen, if you do bad things bad things happen. I love people that are friendly, respectful and nice, that treat others the same way. People with bad attitudes I try to stay away from. Personally I like calm environment's and enjoy my privacy. I hate when people try to control my life cause it just gets in the way from what I want out of life. I realize that we are beautiful but also realize that there are people out there that will use you to get ahead for themselves. I truly believe in psalms and understand it. I love my family unconditionally and have love for my people. I one day would like to find that special someone that understands me and would like to raise a family in a peaceful area. I 'd like to do something good for mankind in my time here even though im not perfect and I will make mistakes. I have a strong history of hardship but I continue to try to live for better days. I love sitting by the water and talking or being in quiet areas. I do better around small groups of people then I do around alot of people. I hate drama and people who lie about stories that I share with them to make the story look better or them look cooler. I believe in the Lord strongly and know that one day he will be back. Ive only been in Love twice and am very picky on the woman I choose. I love watching movies and just relaxing. I also want to do things for the younger ones in my family so that things arent so hard on them that I experienced. I may have an immature attitude at times but when it comes down to having to be serious I am also that to. I love nature alot, when I was up north in Kentucky I loved walking through the woods and looking at waterways. I love to write poetry cause I believe alot of us think the same and a little knowledge of understanding so people can relate is always good. This is my second book, my first one was titled oxy. I want good things out of life and good things for the people close to me out of life. I am currently starting to write music right now. I am a very warm hearted person who barely gets angry and believes it is just a waisted emotion. I love my people even though they are not perfect but hey, who is?