Worth Remembering: The Poetry of Our Heritage

A Family and Friends Poetry Anthology … and Some of the History

by Erwin A. Thompson



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 8/17/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 388
ISBN : 9781440138263

About the Book

History is richer than black dates on white paper in a textbook. It is the human story, the events and people gone before us. Author and poet Erwin A. Thompson has a deep understanding of how the wealth of this heritage can enrich our lives.

His anthology brings alive the history of the past century and carries us into the current one through poems, stories, and commentary. The poems Thompson compiles are poignant and funny and serious. The original songs he wrote and played—and continues to play at age 93—tell their own stories. Thompson’s personal remembrances bring times long past into focus.

We won’t forget Blackie, the bull that terrorized a town, or the girl in the little blue hat. He makes us feel the loneliness of a wartime soldier confined to a hospital bed overseas. The personal foibles he shares make us laugh, and we can share in his pride of family. He makes us understand that these are the things that make life rich.

The people and events that took place on a bluff high above the Mississippi take on life in this volume. Their history becomes a living, breathing thing—a heritage worth remembering.

About the Author

Erwin A. Thompson is a poet, novelist, fiddler, folk artist, and square dance caller. A World War II veteran, he earned a Purple Heart and a Silver Star for Gallantry in Action. Thompson has lived on the bluffs of the Mississippi River for nine decades. Visit him online at www.riehlife.com.