On Becoming an Attuned Communicator

by Ronald D. Gordon, Ph.D.



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Publication Date : 7/13/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781440151378

About the Book

Mind-sets, models, concepts, and principles for becoming a more “attuned” interpersonal communicator. What single “mind-set choice” do we make with each person we relate to that totally steers how we treat them, and who we become? What’s the single biggest “barrier” to communicating with another person? How can we “empower” others, and make it easier for them to feel like moving “closer” to us? What do people “need“?

What’s the special role of “nonverbal” communication in interpersonal relations? What’s the “portal” to high-quality listening? What’s “rhythmic entrainment”? What’s “dialogue,” and how can we achieve it? What are the “six core images” that “drive” our communication with others? Which “eight messages” are in action whenever two people talk? What technique is the “enemy of miscommunication”? What’s it like to have a “peak communication experience,” and what gets us there?

Time-tested and people-tested tools from a professor of communication who passionately cares about people communicating in satisfying and effective ways. Academic jargon and details kept to a minimum as the reader is led into the heart of “attuned” communicating. A must-read for anyone feeling the sting of communication gone awry, or the call of yet “more” awaiting them in their communication with others.

About the Author

Ronald D. Gordon (Ph.D., University of Kansas) is Professor of Communication at the Hilo campus of The University of Hawai’i. He teaches interpersonal communication, human dialogue, listening, leadership, and modern American cinema. He has served as chair of the Department of Communication at UH-Hilo, and as president of the Pacific and Asian Communication Association. His scholarly articles have been published in a dozen different academic journals, and he has served on the editorial boards of the journals Human Communication and Communication Theory.