Voices from the Prostate Underground

by Dave Pratt



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Publication Date : 11/24/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781440101489

About the Book

"Voices from the Prostate Underground offers excellent insight into the experiences of men and their families who have dealt with and survived prostate cancer. Their testimonies provide a great encouragement for those facing treatment." J. Lynn Martell, Director of Special Services, Radiation Medicine, Loma Linda University Medical Center

Men don’t talk about Prostate Cancer, so who is a guy supposed to talk to about treatment options and other “guy” issues when he is diagnosed with prostate cancer? Talk to a urologist, and they generally recommend surgery. Talk to a radiation oncologist, and radiation is the best approach. Others health care providers prescribe hormones, “watchful waiting”, laparoscopic surgery, cryosurgery, brachytherapy, and more. What doctors recommend is based on their own experiences, training, and professional bias. The “whole story” is not generally available from any one specialist and what you hear from your doctor generally results in more questions than answers.

“Voices from the Prostate Underground” includes the stories of men and their families, who have survived prostate cancer through a variety of treatments. The stories are told in their own, unique voices as each man answers the five questions that newly diagnosed men most often ask those who have survived the disease: How were you diagnosed? What did you decide to do? What treatment did you decide on? How did things work out? How did the experience affect your life?

All funds raised from the sale of this book will be donated to UsToo and the Slater Research Chair at the Loma Linda University Medical Center to support cancer research and treatment.

About the Author

Dave Pratt was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December of 2006. He completed treatment at Loma Linda University Medical Center in May of 2007 and is currently on the journey to recovery. Along the way, Dave has met hundreds of fellow prostate cancer survivors and talked with many more who were recently diagnosed. Some of those stories are captured in this book. Dave is a native of most of the west coast of the United States and makes his home in western Washington. A freelance writer since 1977, Dave has authored more than sixty published articles, poems, and short stories. He is a novelist, newspaper columnist and feature writer. His medical mystery, “Buried in the Records”, was released to book stores in early 2006. Dave holds masters degrees in Hospital Administration (Baylor University) and Management (Webster University), and a B.S. in Psychology from Washington State University. He is a member of, and regular speaker at Lions Clubs and other service organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest.