Voices from the Last Supper

by Jamey Heit



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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/23/2003

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Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9780595294855

About the Book

The night before his death, Jesus shared a final meal with his disciples. Jesus broke bread and poured wine, and thus initiated a sacrament that anchors the Christian faith to this day. Often overlooked in this moment are Jesus' disciples. How did they react to what they witnessed? What were they feeling? By adopting each disciple's voice, Voices from the Last Supper explores the different reactions and emotions that Jesus' actions no doubt elicited. Each disciple has the chance to express his feelings as Jesus shares a final meal with them. The doubts, fears, and loyalty that characterize the disciples' humanity now have a voice. Voices from the Last Supper encourages readers to explore their own feelings by placing them in the middle of Jesus' final meal before his death.

"If Leonardo da Vinci portrayed the disciples at the Last Supper engaged in disconcerted conversation Heit portrays each as involved in his own deep and solitary thoughts. Thus, he gives us twelve individual responses, and thereby conveys the truth that we meet Jesus through our own personal experiences, circumstances, and neediness."
-Dr. Donald Capps, William Harte Felmeth Professor of Pastoral Psychology, Princeton Theological Seminary

"Good poetry makes readers think, and this collection made me think a lot. You incorporate psychological insights into the human character with deeply unknowable theological questions: both veins of exploration are big risks. Good poetry is risky."
-Mary Kat White, English Department, Southern Methodist University

About the Author

Jamey Heit currently lives in New Jersey and studies at Princeton Theological Seminary. His interests there include Theology, Literature, and Philosophy. Voices from the Last Supper combines his academic interests and love of poetry with his own spiritual journey.