Dreamsbane of Tamalor

by Bradley Simpson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/6/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 94
ISBN : 9780595376766

About the Book

"Who dares tread where only Darglo Lord of Sleep and Dreams may travel? Reveal yourself now mortal and your end will be short and painless. Prolonging your death will get you naught. Who are you!" says a terrible voice that seems to reverberate from the walls themselves.

With a look of spite Kiril yells, "I am Kiril Silverspire, Druid of Autumn and Dreams. Face me if you dare demon for you do not face a weak-willed simpleton, but a full master of Dreamtravel. I challenge thee!" As if on some unearthly cue, Kiril draws his scimitar from its sheath and takes a fighting stance at the ready.

Forming from the utter darkness of the room, a creature seeming to be composed of moving and shifting shadows appears before Kiril. In its right hand seems to be a shadowy solid object in the resemblance of a sword. The dream enforcer concentrates his shadowy form into roughly the same height as Kiril. The creature gloats, "You challenge me foolish one? You are truly a rare adversary indeed that you should think yourself a match for me mortal."

About the Author

Bradley Simpson is a wildly creative individual deeply devoted to storytelling. Roleplaying has been his life?s blood, and brings a lovely spin to the fantasy genre. He lives in frozen north of North Branch, Michigan happily with his wife where he works for an electronic manufacturer.