The Conquest of an Ancient Civilization

by Ruffo Espinosa Sr.



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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/1/2006

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Page Count : 703
ISBN : 9780595820283
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Dimensions : 6x9
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ISBN : 9780595376377
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ISBN : 9780595675364

About the Book

I long for you to read all I will tell here so that you may know the great glory that is your heritage. Your nation has been brought low by the Spanish. The grip that holds the people your father and I struggled so to set free is more relentless than was Moctezuma's war god's thirst for their blood and hunger to eat their hearts. The Aztec way of life I knew has been utterly erased from our land and shall never be seen again.

But there was a time when all this could have been prevented if love and reason instead of pride and lust for power had prevailed. To every nation comes such a time. The holy scriptures of Quetzalcoatl prophesied it. Even Moctezuma, Priest and King, finally recognized the moment. But his Princes and Priests would not. A new era was rushing upon them, but they saw only the old way of life and the threat to their privilege and power. In their blindness they destroyed our world.

About the Author

Ruffo Espinosa was born in México in 1907. He received a Bachelor of Art degree in English and a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Arizona. Mr. Espinosa was a member of the Arizona and California Bars.