The Family Jewels

A gay comedic mystery

by Iory Allison



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/1/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 274
ISBN : 9780595330256

About the Book

The young antiquarian from an old Boston family and his sister had just inherited their aunt's Back Bay town house. As they walked through the home they felt the sorrow and excitement of new heirs and they reminisced about their childhood days in this antiquated residence where nothing had changed for years. Upstairs in a shuttered bedroom, an ornately enameled chest lured them by its barbaric splendor, and they were compelled to open it. Inside they found a key.

The Family Jewels is a comedic mystery and the first book of the trilogy, Glamour Galore. Our industrious author is madly scribbling away with frantic haste the next two novels. Naughty Astronautess, the middle novel, recounts the adventures of the first drag queen astronaut. The concluding novel, The Mermaid and the Sailor, is a romantic romp set in Provincetown. These three Gay novels are escapist froth intended to make you laugh while you ponder the human condition.

About the Author

Iory Allison is a writer, interior designer, antiquarian, and world traveler. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts with his partner of twenty-seven years, Leo Romero. Iory is the nickname for Iorwerth, who was an eleventh-century Welsh prince, and also the name of Iory?s great uncle. It is pronounced Yori or Yorwerth.