Is That True or Did You Make It Up?

Cosmic Ruminations from Bill Stockton's

by Bill Stockton



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Language : English
Publication Date : 11/24/2004

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Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 226
ISBN : 9780595331659

About the Book

At his popular Internet Web site, author Bill Stockton uses piercing satire and zany humor to take on everything from George W. Bush and Washington's neoconservatives to the danger of global warming caused by bovine methane emissions. In Is That True or Did You Make It Up? Cosmic Ruminations from Bill Stockton's, the author has assembled the funniest articles from his satirical cyber-hangout,, including:

  • Telepathic Parrot Caught Monitoring Karl Rove's Brain
  • Is Death Final? Debate Riles Obituary Writers
  • Castoff Armani Launches Homeless Man's Lobbyist Career
  • Latest Terror Worry Is Radioactive Horse Manure
  • Lord of the Rings Plunges Fan into Six-Day Coma
  • Neocon Identity Card Theft Alarms Beltway Insiders

The author, an editor at The New York Times for two decades, learned the hard way that nothing is ever what it seems. Is That True or Did You Make It Up? provides a witty and irreverent road map to a new world order viewed from behind the looking glass. Be warned: this book could cause you to shriek helplessly and roll around on the floor.

About the Author

Before his muse fell into the clutches of satire and humor, Bill Stockton was a correspondent for The Associated Press and an editor at The New York Times, including Editor of Science Times and the Business and Financial Editor. Bill Stockton?s Satirium is at