Coming Alive

Accessing the Healing Energy of the Universe

by Louis Rogers



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/20/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 196
ISBN : 9780595127214

About the Book

Just as the universe provides light and heat from the sun in order for life to survive and flourish on our planet, the universe also provides the basic energy out of which everything has come into existence, and from which our further development can proceed. We have always had the tools for transformation within our grasp, and the fuel, the energy that feeds the process, is as open to us as the air we breathe. All things that come into existence are formed from this energy, which of itself cannot be seen, but which can be accessed, entered into and physically felt. In its various forms, it provides the very substance out of which the material universe has come into being.

It is in fact everything that ever was, everything that is, everything that will ever be. In one for it is the body you inhabit, in another the thoughts that come bidden and unbiddeninto your mind. It is the substance of life, the energy of the universe, the life force.

This energy itself is the connection for which we seek.

About the Author

Louis Rogers was the publisher and editor of Pir Publications, Inner Paths Magazine, and Sufi Review located in Westport, CT, and the host and producer of the television series Turning Inward. A former college teacher, his story "The Zhikr of the Heart" appeard in Sufi Journal. His novel, 'Ladder to the Sky' was published in 1999. Mirror of the Unseen: The Discourses of Rumi will be published by Pir Publications, and he is at work on the sequel to Ladder to the Sky, entitled "The Islands of the Blessed".