Book Three in The Howell Women Saga

by Janet Moreland



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/27/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 228
ISBN : 9780595405800

About the Book

Was there a curse on the Howell women? They all seemed to have been tragically hurt by love. Could Olivia's courage overcome the curse? She had heard the phrase "song of love" all her life. She was supposed to hear it in her heart, but could a song save her from the curse? Travel with her from her Virginia ranch to Europe and back as she searches for the answers to these questions.

Olivia, a successful artist, grieves when her husband Brad leaves for war. Later, she fears losing her son Will to a young Cherokee woman, then to the Navy and another war. Throughout, the mystical presence of a Cherokee ancestor guides Olivia's and Will's destinies, helping them see that the longest, most winding journeys begin and end with a song of love.

About the Author

Shirley G. Webb & Janet Moreland

Since 2002, Shirley G. Webb in Connecticut and Janet Moreland in Nevada have written and published three historical romance novels for Young Adults and Women. The authors met online and found they have mutual interests in writing and in Cherokee culture. Both authors say their friendship came first and cemented the rapport necessary for the overwhelming task of collaborating on this series while living a continent apart. Many hours of emails, phone calls, brief meetings, research, and revisions culminated in The Howell Women Saga: Cherokee Love, Dance in the Rain, and Song of Love.

Shirley G. Webb is a retired TV ad writer who now writes wholesome stories for both children and adults. Born in West Virginia, she is of Cherokee heritage and has a great love for the culture and traditions of American Indians of all tribes.
This author is known nationally for her story readings to children from her book, Tales from the Keeper of the Myths (iUniverse Inc., 2003). Dressed in Native regalia, she takes the children back in time to her great-grandmother?s Cherokee village and then weaves tales from the ancient Cherokee culture. Her readings form an excellent multicultural program for schools, libraries, and other settings such as scout groups.
She visits high school classes, discussing with both teachers and students her experiences while writing her novels. She is also in demand by professional groups for her articles on the craft of writing.
Shirley?s website address is She can be contacted by email at

Janet Moreland, a native of Ohio, is also of Cherokee ancestry. She is a former literary agent who now collaborates with other authors on a variety of works. She is also a poet and has conducted poetry readings and workshops for both young adults and adults. She is a popular speaker for professional groups with her presentations regarding the technical aspects of writing poetry and fiction and gives readings, at times with Shirley, in schools and libraries in the Las Vegas area.
In April 2005, Janet hosted a special reading and book signing at Boulder City Library, near Las Vegas. Shirley and artist Sonja Rainbowwoman were also on the program. The topic was ?Collaboration in Writing Historic Fiction? and showcased the works of all three women.
Janet?s poetry website address is Her email address is