Soul Purpose

The Story of a Modern Day Ronin

by D. Tarver



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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/24/2002

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Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 224
ISBN : 9780595250059

About the Book

He was found in a freezing trashcan the day of his birth with the umbilical cord still attached. His face crushed and severely burned he was rushed to the hospital and barely survived. Billy grew up in an orphanage taking the brunt of teasing from the other kids. As an adult he works as a bouncer in a rundown biker bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans in exchange for a mattress in a storage room and fifty dollars a week. He has an extremely bad attitude and a very short temper. At only 25 he has already given up on life.

She was born Melissa Elisabeth Thibodeaux, and ordained to rule over a vast family fortune; she is beautiful, and educated. She was supposed to have everything. Life for her was meant to be a paradise, except she was born blind. At 22 Melissa finds her parents dead and her self trapped in a marriage to an abusive, evil man who's only goal is to steal her money. He holds her hostage in her own mansion and beats her in an attempt to keep her down, until he can find a way to get the riches.

Their story will capture your Soul.

About the Author

D.E. Tarver holds black belts ranging from 2nd to 7th degree in seven different styles of Japanese and Filipino martial arts. He has taught martial arts and strategy for twenty years. Since his honorable discharge from the Marines, he has spent time in Japan and the United States.