A Dan Sylvester Adventure

by H. Allen Mann



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/27/2003

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Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9780595278770

About the Book

Dan and seventeen-year-old Noli agree to fly Alexis Maxwell, a former beauty queen, to Chios, her home island in Greece. There, the non-stop action begins as Dan and Noli find themselves inexorably dragged-at times, kicking and clawing-into the tumultuous land of Asia Minor-modern-day Turkey. The fishing boat captains aren't what they appear to be, and young girls are snatched from streets and spirited away to a former NATO command post that is a near impregnable underground fortress.

Turkey, is an exotic land filled with intrigue and ill-gotten pleasure, of belly dancers and crusader castles, of harem girls and eunuchs, turban men with slashing sabers. Discover lovely Leandra and Regina, and the Kesfin Brothers-Nazif, the talker, schemer, Hasan, the stoic giant, and Ahmet, the evil one, plotting Dan's demise. Throw in an assortment of colorful characters and many tense moments, along with an aerial showdown, and dive into an action-packed Dan Sylvester adventure thriller.

About the Author

Colonel Mann is a retired Air Force navigator with two unforgettable flights in a Grumman Mallard. This is his third Dan Sylvester Adventure. Col. Mann and his wife live in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he is working on his epic novel, The Locket, set in Cambodia during the holocaust of the Seventies.