The Scientific Worldview

Beyond Newton and Einstein

by Glenn Borchardt Ph.D.



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Language : English
Publication Date : 1/2/2007

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Page Count : 411
ISBN : 9780595836376
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ISBN : 9780595837731
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About the Book

Discovering the nature of the Scientific Worldview is no easy task. It cannot be found by summing all scientific specialties, or by polling scientists and averaging the results. The Scientific Worldview, above all, must state its beginning assumptions clearly and from there attempt a coherent unification of the salient facts and a rigorous application of determinism to the world as a whole. It would not be in agreement with every interpretation advanced by every specialist. No explication of it would be accepted by all scientists.

Throughout history, the idea that the universe is governed strictly on deterministic principles reappears embellished with a style and with facts reflecting the culture it addresses. Each time, efforts are made to refute it. Eventually it is suppressed, only to return stronger than before. Humanity today appears to lie at the threshold of physical destruction. Its survival will not be a miracle, but a result of the deterministic actions we will take to forge a new unity among all peoples. The time is ripe for a renaissance of determinism.

About the Author

Glenn Borchardt has forty eight years of practical and theoretical experience in earth science. He has produced over three hundred twenty scientific reports, including journal articles, book material, and computer programs. Borchardt is the Director of the Progressive Science Institute in Berkeley, California. For more go to: