The Fall of the Republic

by Crawford Kilian



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/29/1999

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 300
ISBN : 9781583481219

About the Book

Jerry Pierce, a colonel barely out of his teens, is fighting to preserve all Mankind and planet Earth itself from a government of martial law and last-minute solutions.

About the Author

Crawford Kilian Crawford Kilian has been around. He's explored Western Canada and even lived in China, but when it comes to writing, he does his homework the new-fashioned

A professional writer and educator, Kilian spends much of his "writing time" in research. For Icequake alone, he put in thousands of hours learning everything he could from a variety of resources about Antarctica and its denizens. The author estimates that he spent six to eight months "getting it right." However, Kilian is quick to assure you that the research is part of the pleasure of writing. It brings believability to the work and a real relationship with the subject matter.

From his snowy enclave in Vancouver, Kilian does his research from the comfort of his cozy home using the Web. But, it hasn't always been that way. In the early '80s, this full-time college English professor realized that the Internet was the wave of the future...for writers, teachers, and students. So, he took up his department's challenge to develop writing courses that integrated technology. What started with some phone conferencing is now an expertise in distance education that takes him to numerous speaking engagements each year.

Like many educators, Kilian feels that the Web is a good supplement to the classroom, not a replacement for it. He says, "It's not just a valuable tool for research. It also forces us as educators to examine what works and doesn't work in our both areas, the real and the virtual classroom."

Kilian is also sold on the latest technologies in publishing and has republished most of his out-of-print classics with toExcel. He says, "I thought the books could find a new audience in a new generation, and toExcel offered that opportunity." toExcel is pleased to add this terrific writer/educator to it's stable of republished authors!


Crawford Kilian's writing career has included a decade as regular weekly columnist for the Vancouver Province, eleven novels, two children's books, a social-studies textbook, and two nonfiction books. His most recent novel, Redmagic, was published in April 1995; in June he published 2020 Visions: The Futures of Canadian Education. He is co-author of The Communications Books: Writing for the Workplace. His nonfiction book Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy will be published by International Self-Counsel Press in the fall of 1998, and Writing for the Web (a manual on writing hypertext) will appear early in 1999.

Kilian's novels The Fall of the Republic, The Rogue Emperor, and The Empire of Time make The Choronoplane Wars Trilogy published by toExcel. Furthermore, Icequake, Tsunami, Gryphon, and Eyas are also published by toExcel.