The Lioness Tale

by Diane Pendola



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/28/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 82
ISBN : 9780595351398

About the Book

"The Lioness Tale, inspired by ancient storytelling traditions, addresses the problems of living under conditions that are hostile or indifferent to the inner life. How easy it is to identify with the Lioness of this tale! We know what it is to long for the intimacy of a caring voice, to be embraced by someone who believes that our happiness and our humanness are important.

In this work of visionary fiction, there are lessons that will change your life. Just as the author has dared much in the telling, you must dare much in the reading. You'll share the grief of the Lioness' loss both of love and her own freedom. But the reward you'll share is renewed inner strength and a sense of vulnerability by which you will get back your own life and celebrate it."

-Hal Zina Bennett, Ph.D, lecturer, consultant and author

About the Author

Through her book, "The Lioness Tale", Diane leads you into the story of a young lioness, forced to live in captivity, and in the process awakens you to the liberating spirit that lives at the center of each of our lives. Diane Pendola is the Director and Co-founder of Skyline Harvest, an Eco-Contemplative Center dedicated to fostering awareness of the sacred throughout our human community and the natural world. Along with "The Lioness Tale", she is also the author of the popular online journal "Earthlines". ( From her time pursuing a degree in cross-cultural Religions to a Master’s in Theology and Pastoral Ministry, she has been compelled to take the principles of love, compassion and kindness, fundamental to every spiritual tradition, and put them into practice. This led her to an act of civil disobedience, protesting nuclear weapons, which provided her with an inside look at our prison system. She has since committed her life to helping people, both inside and outside of prison, to access the spirit of liberation within them. In order to be an ever more trustworthy mentor and transparent window to this liberating spirit she has sought her own transformation through prayer and meditation, Gestalt Awareness Practice and the Enneagram, all of which she now teaches and practices in her life and work. Utilizing these tools she has created an in-prison transformational program based on her book ( Her message is that Love can transform what the absence of love created. She knows all things are possible through the Love that resides at the center of our expanding universe and at the center of our human hearts.