Crisis In Spain

During Rome's 2nd Punic War

by John Mancini



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Language : English
Publication Date : 4/21/2003

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Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 314
ISBN : 9780595272938

About the Book

Antonus Paullus faces personal tragedy caused by the greed and double-dealing of Romans, Carthaginians, and Spaniards. The master spy fights his personal demons as he struggles with grief on his path to maturity. The novel deals with the period from 215 to 208 BC when Rome fought Carthage and Hannibal. During this period Antonus Paullus finds love, builds a family, and looses a boyhood friend to patriotism. He battles to lead Rome out of a crisis in the middle of the brutal and barbaric conflict that was to last sixteen years. The young spy helps break Carthage's hold on Spain, thus depriving them of the mineral wealth they needed to pay their mercenaries. This was a turning point in Rome's war of attrition.

Crisis in Spain is the second in a series of three fast moving, action packed, fictional stories, which describe the adventures of the young master spy Antonus Paullus during the Second Punic War. The Paullus family has a long-standing contract with the Senate as the Republic's spies wherever there are Roman interests. Actual events, battles, and individuals from the Second Punic War are used as the framework for these novels.

About the Author

John Mancini began doing research while traveling as part of his engineering business. After retiring he began writing a series of novels about Rome?s war with Carthage and Hannibal and the adventures of the young Roman master spy Antonus Paullus. Crisis in Spain is the second novel in the series.