The Path of Truth and Courage

The Wisdom of Sir John Holcombe

by J. Arthur Holcombe



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/3/2002

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 142
ISBN : 9781469705521
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 142
ISBN : 9780595210886

About the Book

The Path of Truth & Courage takes readers through the journey of a young Sir John Holcombe as he pursues his life long dream of becoming a Knight. Through his travels he is introduced to new family members and friends, which teach him important lessons on character and friendship. Along the path to glory, Holcombe also encounters enemies and decisions that seem equally difficult to battle; but with perseverance, consideration and will-- they are challenged and won with all the glory and vigor of sword fighting, hand battle and bloodshed expected from centuries ago. Written in the setting of medieval times, the author writes with ease and explains lessons to the reader along the way that transcend time and can be applied to modern day living. The Path of Truth & Courage has taken on a life of its own as a tale for children of all ages to read and enjoy through the eyes of a Knight in training. –But the book does not stop there; adults can easily translate the lessons that are given in italicized portions of the book as a plan to overcome daily obstacles at work and in life. J. Arthur Holcombe is often humbled by the steps that readers have taken to utilize his methods. In the words of young and old, The Path of Truth & Courage entertains the reader while carefully teaching that love for a goal and love for friends and family cannot be compromised. Clearly, this novel will continue to follow in the legendary steps of its main character Sir John Holcombe, Knight Crusader and Benevolent Lord of Dorchester. The first novel written by J. Arthur Holcombe has landed on nationwide bookstore shelves to overwhelming positive reviews from critics and readers from around the globe.

About the Author

James A. “Hoss” Boyd (Pseudo: J. Arthur Holcombe) Born in rural Arkansas near the town of Bentonville in the 1950's; J. Arthur Holcombe faced tremendous odds to become the successful businessman, real estate developer, investor and writer that he is today. With a true lineage that traces back to Sir John Holcombe, the Benevolent Lord of Dorchester; J. Arthur Holcombe’s personal life parallels the stories that he writes about so vibrantly in his first novel. Much like his legendary ancestor, J. Arthur was raised in a low income family background where most of his relatives did not have a high school education. With the guidance of family elders; he was able to work his way through high school doing manual labor on his family and neighboring farms, while also working as an electrician’s apprentice. Upon graduation from high school, Holcombe was accepted into the University of Arkansas; earning a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and a commission into the United States Air Force. Holcombe’s career in the Air Force flourished as he was selected for duty as a Titan II missile launch officer and would later become a missile instructor and evaluator. He met his wife, during his first assignment near Austin, Texas. In the mid-1980’s, J. Arthur transferred from active duty into the Air Force reserves, in order to pursue a calling into private business. His timing for a professional move could not have been worse---he chose to become a commercial real estate broker, just before the worst real estate market crash since the Great Depression. Over the next several years, he would battle the marketplace and a near-fatal bout with cancer that tested his personal limits in work, health and faith. It was during these times that Holcombe followed the teachings that he would later write about in his first book, The Path of Truth and Courage, (, 2001). In the years to follow, Holcombe retired from the Air Force Reserves as a Lieutenant Colonel, and became a highly successful businessman with the center of his activities in the German town of New Braunfels, Texas. In 2008, he was invited to join the MENSA organization ( Holcombe continues to live and share with others his principles of success found in The Path of Truth and Courage through his writing and speaking engagements. As of this writing Holcombe has been cancer free for 17 years and shares his life with his wife of over 34 years, two children, and two grandchildren.