Quant à la Nature de l'Homme

by John M. Allen



Book Details

Language : Other
Publication Date : 11/18/2001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 120
ISBN : 9780595208661

About the Book

Exploring the depths of human nature in the light of biblical teaching, the author carves a straight path through the tangled undergrowth of Greek Gnosticism that has infiltrated the Church today.

Startling in its simplicity, this book takes the reader to the core of the problem, clearly outlining the issues at stake and dealing with them uncompromisingly.

Are children to blame for their parents' sin? Why does man sin? Does a Christian have a dual nature? Are we born bad? Does our nature compel us to commit certain actions, whether bad or good? What is the relationship between a twentieth-century Christian and Adam? Does God see Jesus when He looks at the Church? What is the truth regarding unconditional eternal security? Can a Christian be lost?

Answering these questions and many others purely from the Bible, the author brings light and hope on this most misunderstood of all subjects – the nature of man.

About the Author

Après avoir complété ses études de Théologie, John Allen devint Pasteur, enseignant des sujets divers, tels que l?explication de textes bibliques, la théologie de la fin des temps, et l?art oratoire. Il a publié plusieurs manuels pédagogiques, un commentaire sur l?Apocalypse, et de nonbreux romans, dont deux sont sous contrats cinématographiques au Royaume-Uni.

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