A Roadmap to Organizational Rejuvenation Without a War

by John Piper



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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/6/2002

Recognition Programs

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 275
ISBN : 9780595241170

About the Book

It is possible for Communities of Faith to break through to creative change-if they are willing to learn how to get differences working together without a war. Proven practical tools that effect organizational rejuvenation, and a roadmap of change keeps congregations moving together in the same direction.

Author John E. Piper explores issues such as:

  • How to recognize controlling self-interests
  • How to identify hidden decision-makers
  • Church Chess-the win-lose turf game that everyone loses
  • Creating a complementary team where everyone wins
  • Learning to drive safely on the open roadmap of change
  • Most change efforts center on either people, processes, or structure. These tools bond together the varying perceptions, styles and interests, so that a congregation can get its organizational act together and maintain its integrity through future crises. In this way, congregations can shape change before it pushes them out of shape.

    About the Author

    John E. Piper is the Executive Director of Creative Change Associates and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) pastor with 48 years in permanent and interim ministry. He has led several workshops up and down the West Coast and successfully helped congregations learn this ground-breaking way of decision-making and taking action. He lives in the Los Angeles area.