The Circle of Life and Death

A Spiritual Guide for Living and Dying Well

by Lawrence Karrasch with Rita Karrasch



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/24/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 184
ISBN : 9780595531523

About the Book

Plan your most rewarding and enjoyable spiritual journey through life, death and the after-life. Using The Circle of Life and Death, as your introductory guidebook, you will explore the many universal truths that are at the core of all life, death and after-life religious and esoteric teachings. These spiritual truths revealed by Karrasch, in understandable and comprehensive language, represents a forty-three year spiritual quest by the author.

Here are just a few of the spiritual truths that the author has found to be constant, that are included in The Circle of Life and Death, to assist you on this journey.

  • It is love in one form or another that is the binding attraction that propels creation forward in the progression of the soul through life and death.

  • Life and death should be viewed not as two separate experiences but as one continuous progression repeated over and over.

  • The continuation of the consciousness of our soul is assured as we progress through each lifetime and death.

  • Our purpose in each life is to gain experiences that will awaken us to a higher consciousness, the spark of God within us. This is the driving force that propels each individual soul through the cycle of reincarnation.

  • Heaven and Hell are not physical or geographical places, but states of consciousness needed to analyze and evaluate past earthly experiences in the after-life. They are not permanent conditions.
Karrasch hopes each individual will be guided to find his or her own spiritual path with the assistance of the concepts and practical strategies presented in this fascinating introductory guide- book. You do not need to abandon all your religious beliefs to embark on this life-changing journey while you keep God as your "constant companion".

About the Author

Since the age of seventeen, Lawrence Karrasch wondered, what happens to us when we die? He has made it his life's passion to discover the answers to life and death questions, which he could not find through traditional religions. The Circle of Life and Death is a culmination of painstaking, investigative work, over many years, drawing from a broad range of esoteric and religious teachings on life, death and rebirth, from twentieth-century metaphysical writers to the prominent mystics and spiritual leaders of the modern era. To further this spiritual quest, he traveled to India over twenty times exploring eastern philosophy. As an art director in New York City, for most of his professional career, with a Master's degree from The Illinois Institute of Technology, he continues to pursue his spiritual path in his everyday life. He now resides with his wife, Rita in Myrtle Beach, SC.