Danny Goodman's AppleScript Handbook

Second Edition




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/13/1998

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7.5x9.25
Page Count : 576
ISBN : 9780966551419

About the Book

Make your Mac do what you want your Mac to do. This bestselling guide to Applescript by author Danny Goodman gives you everything you need to know to create scriptable applications. This edition includes in-depth coverage of the scriptable Finder, FileMaker Pro, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Excel, Hypercard, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, MacWrite Pro and TouchBase. AppleScript is an important facet of the new Apple OS 8.5.

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About the Author

Danny Goodman is the author of The Complete HyperCard 2.2 Handbook, an all-time bestseller and winner of the "best book" award from the Computer Press Association. His AppleScript Handbook, currently in its second edition, is the book most often recommended by experienced scripters. At the end of an article on a third-party script editor in MacWeek magazine, reviewer Don Crabb rated the AppleScipt Handbook "excellent." The second edition covers not only the basics of AppleScript, but in-depth coverage of scripting the Finder and how to interpret the scripting dictionaries of scriptable applications. AppleScript is an important facet of the new Apple OS 8.5.

Author of more than 20 computer trade books, he has written extensively for MacWorld and MacUser magazines. Outside of work, Mr. Goodman enjoys playing his grand piano, model railroading, and scanning the airwaves as an amateur (ham) radio enthusiast. Visit his web site at www.dannyg.com to learn more about this versatile author and consultant.