The Ten Commandments: Background, Meaning, and Implications

From A Judaic Perspective

by Martin Sicker



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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/28/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 166
ISBN : 9780595483198

About the Book

The Ten Commandments is an exploration into the background, meaning, and implications of the Decalogue from a Judaic perspective. Although they have become a universal symbol of Judeo-Christian civilization, it is only within Judaism that the Ten Commandments have a juridical function that goes beyond the mere announcement of a set of key precepts for man and society. In Judaism, the Ten Commandments are considered an epitome of the vast body of biblical legislation, a concise statement of a mere 172 Hebrew words that was presented as a credo that could easily be memorized and serve as a basic list of essentially easily understandable general rules. It was not expected that the ordinary citizen would remember or fully understand the plethora of commandments found in the Torah that demand compliance and observance by the children of Israel, their descendents, and those who chose to cast their lot in life with them. To understand the meaning and significance of the Ten Commandments in Judaic thought, it is therefore necessary to correlate them with the body of legislative enactments set forth in the Torah dealing with the same subject matter, a rather complex endeavor that this study hopes to facilitate.

About the Author

Dr. Martin Sicker is a writer and lecturer on the Middle East and Jewish history and religion. He is the author of 34 previous books including The Biblical Creation Narrative; Reading Genesis Politically; The Trials of Abraham; The Ordeals of Isaac and Jacob; Aspects of Jewish Metarational Thought; and The Moral Maxims of the Sages of Israel.