The Dark Druids

by Tim Newman



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/14/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 282
ISBN : 9780595496563

About the Book

From the award-winning author of, 'Yesterday's Falcon,' comes a rich new adventure set against the backdrop of medieval Wales. When Torrance, Gawain's ten year old son is kidnapped, Gawain and his wife, Rhiannon, enlist the aid of Merlin to track down the traveling bard who took him.

Their journey takes them through snowbound valleys and across the wild Celtic seas. But the kidnapping is only the beginning. Gawain and Rhiannon soon discover that Morganna, the Dark Druid who planned the abduction, is bent on using their son to find the fabled lost Runes. These mystical rune stones lie hidden in the depths of Khull Coome, a foreboding castle on the Irish coast.

Neither Merlin's ancient art, nor Gawain's charmed sword are enough to thwart Morganna's plans. Somehow she always remains one step ahead, for she knows that revenge can make fools of us all.

Praise for 'Yesterday's Falcon'

"Most intriguing is the interplay between the old ways of the Druids and the rise of Christianity, with Gawain serving as the fulcrum that unites the two worlds. By highlighting the influence of the Druids and allowing the two faiths to coexist, the author creates a harmonious mixture that offers intriguing possibilities for future tales. A worthy re-interpretation of the Grail legend and solid addition to the pantheon of Gawain stories."-Kirkus Discoveries

"A richly detailed saga of medieval heroes and villains, Yesterday's Falcon is entertaining and recommended reading for action/adventure fantasy enthusiasts."
five out of five stars.-Midwest Reviews

About the Author

Tim Newman was born and educated in England. At the age of 19, he immigrated to Canada in search of riches and adventure. Falling woefully short on the first, he ventured south to Mexico and then on to Argentina where he taught English in Buenos Aries. Later years saw him travel to Vancouver where he attended Simon Fraser University.

Yesterday?s Falcon, his first novel, was inspired while studying medieval literature for his Master of Arts degree. Winning the yearly contest held by Brighid?s Fire Books of New York, did not stop the muse from her insistent clamoring, however. Picking up pencil and notepaper again, he began work on The Dark Druids.