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Thirty-year-old Wilhelm York is less than satisfied with his accomplishments to date. After becoming a lord under Earl Alistair’s authority, he is now wealthy, famous, and considered royal. Still, he is not content. 

While attending a New Year’s Eve party, Wilhelm is powerlessly drawn to a beautiful woman. As he enters Peyton’s life, his coveted existence unknowingly exposes all the hidden thoughts, deeds, and emotions of everyone connected to their relationship. Meanwhile, Peyton, who was once seen as the epitome of all that is pure, wholesome, and lovely, is finding a new reality with Wilhelm as everything deemed holy becomes twisted and redefined. As Wilhelm attempts to fulfill an evil quest, he prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice without realizing that Peyton has her own dark plans.

In this horror tale, dissatisfied Wilhelm, who is determined to carry out a selfish mission discovers that a lie may just be the truth, and that perception is everything.

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