Behind and Beyond Church Doors

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We all want to be happy. For many, that includes a loving relationship with someone. Fortunate ones find that person. Those even more fortunate have friends who want the best for them, too. Behind and Beyond Church Doors: Promises, the third of author Sylvia Brown-Roberts’s Church Doors series, tells us the story of Nikolis McQuaige—called NikkiMac—a teacher in Trenton, New Jersey. She’s a single woman in her early forties. NikkiMac has been a faithful member of a local church congregation for several years. Her blossoming relationship with assistant minister Adam Greene brightens her days. For the first time in her life, she’s dating a man according to God’s boundaries. NikkiMac wonders if marriage is in their future or if some dark issues from the past or present conflicts will stand in their way? Can any relationship withstand her best friend Jacee’s need to compete for NikkiMac’s attention with a new friend or Sister Chloe’s attempt to destroy her reputation in the church? Or the threat from a dangerous character from her childhood who forces his way back into NikkiMac’s life? In Behind and Beyond Church Doors: Promises, NikkiMac’s gritty urban community and the local congregation hum with joy and obstacles, but through it all, she relies on God’s grace to love, care for, and forgive others. It’s a lesson we all should learn.

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