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"A superb idea, superbly done"
-Thomas Berry

Reign is a prophetic work, an interpretation of what these tumultuous times, this dawn of a new Age, are really about.

I take my inspiration from the 12th century prophet Joachim de Floris: "There has been a Reign of the Father, we are in the Reign of the Son, there must come a Reign of the Holy Spirit."

My contention is that in all the darkness and disorder of the contemporary world, we are moving into the Reign of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Love, the Feminine principle of the trinity. Love is flowing into the planet right now, surfacing the darkness before it, cleansing our souls, renewing us from the depths of our beings. All are affected by this Awakening, this momentous shift happening on the Earth plane.

My key is Christ. Only now are we ready for the Love that Jesus taught, our true fullness of being, our soul-imagery, our reconciliation with the Earth. Here is a new interpretation of reality, a new enlightenment, spirituality, sexuality, a new understanding of Divinity.

All are called, chosen, have a role to play. God is with us. The Light is in the world and the darkness shall not overcome it.

The Reign of the Holy Spirit completes and crowns my metaphysical works. May you find in it perspective and inspiration, rest and renewal. Enjoy.

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