iUniverse Self-Publishing Partnership Debuts First Books

Just Call Me Dean and The Sergeant Major Syndrome Are the First of Many Compelling Titles from Berrett-Koehler and iUniverse Open Book Editions Partnership

iUniverse, the leading indie-book publisher providing affordable publishing, editorial and marketing services for authors across all genres, today announced Open Book Editions (OBE)—its partnership with Berrett-Koehler Publishers (BK)—has released two exciting new books: “Just Call Me Dean,” a memoir, and “The Sergeant Major Syndrome,” a professional guidebook. Both books are now available through bookstores and online in traditional and electronic formats. To purchase books directly visit our bookstore.

Open Book Editions welcomes authors who share in the Berrett-Koehler mission—“Creating a World That Works for All.” BK believes, to truly create a better world, action is needed at all levels—individual, organizational and societal. BK and iUniverse are both proud and pleased that all OBE books, including these first two releases, promote positive change:

Just Call Me Dean, written by Florene Stewart Poyadue, is about her son, Dean A. A. Poyadue, a man living with Down syndrome and his remarkable life experiences. The book hopes to encourage and inspire parents of special-needs children and create awareness of the struggles these families face.

The Sergeant Major Syndrome, written by Roy Jacques with Mary Hobson, is an essential guide for professionals who believe they have hit the proverbial “glass ceiling.” The book is a diagnostic tool and an action plan for people who want to advance their careers.