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iUniverse Title "My Mother's Secret" to be Published Traditionally Around the World

J.L. Witterick's Debut Novel Based on a True Holocaust Story Republished by G.P. Putnam's Sons in September

BLOOMINGTON, IND. (Nov. 19, 2013)-- iUniverse, an Author Solutions, LLC, imprint and a leading supported self-publishing provider, announced Wednesday that foreign publishing rights to “My Mother’s Secret” have been sold after being acquired and republished by G.P. Putnam’s Sons, one of the world’s leading trade imprints.

“My Mother’s Secret,” the debut work of novelist J.L. Witterick, originally self-published through iUniverse in 2012, is a novel based on the true story of Franciszka Halamajowa, who along with her daughter Helena, harbored two Jewish families and a defecting Nazi soldier in World War II Poland. This profound, captivating and ultimately uplifting tale intertwines the lives of these characters, along with those of the mother and daughter who team up to save them.

Kerri Kolen, executive editor at G.P. Putnam’s Sons, says, “An extraordinary story of one woman’s unmatched bravery and cleverness, ‘My Mother’s Secret’ inspired everyone in house at Putnam to try to bring it to as wide an audience as possible. Our foreign rights department has arranged for it to be published in many countries. Our marketing and sales departments have made a huge push to secure promotion at the major accounts throughout the entire holiday season. What makes ‘My Mother’s Secret’ so unique is that it is a Holocaust story that is ultimately uplifting. The whole team was touched by it, and everyone brought their best skills to bear in the quest to help new readers discover it.”

J.L. Witterick, author of "My Mother's Secret" shares her story of writing and publishing her debut novel with iUniverse. "My Mother's Secret" has since been republished by G.P. Putnam's Sons, one of the world's leading trade imprints.

Witterick, a Chinese Canadian who has no direct ties to Judaism, credits a visit to Yad Vashem—the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem—where she learned of Halamajowa’s story. While there, she saw a tree and plaque honoring Halamajowa and her daughter. Witterick recalls that upon seeing their names in print before her, she was overcome with emotion by the fact that non-Jewish people risked their lives to save others. Witterick also acknowledges the documentary film about Halamajowa, No. 4 Street of Our Lady, as an inspiration.

“I thought if people read the story, and they like it and they tell their friends, even if it’s a self-published book, it’s going to be okay. It’s going to get out there,” Witterick commented.

The self-published version of “My Mother’s Secret” became a Canadian bestseller, and now Putnam’s edition will be published in ten countries around the world, including Taiwan, allowing Witterick’s parents to read the book in their own language. The novel is available for purchase wherever books are sold.

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