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iUniverse Releases Top Ten Best Seller List for November 2009

Figures Based on Point-of-Sale Data from Major U.S. Booksellers

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (Dec. 14, 2009) – iUniverse, the leading book marketing, editorial services, and supported self publishing company, has announced its top ten best-selling books for November 2009, according point-of-sale data from major U.S. booksellers.

1.  The Michael Jackson Conspiracy, by Aphrodite Jones; (Biography). Aphrodite Jones condemns the media for perpetuating hateful rumors and innuendos about superstar Michael Jackson. She argues convincingly that the case against Jackson amounted to nothing more than a media-made, tax-paid scandal.

2.  Research Strategies, by William Badke; (Education). In his comprehensive guide informational research, William Badke shows that research papers do not need to be painful. You’ll learn skills that are essential to the success of any research project so that you can take control of the research project and make it work for you.

3.  Love at the Pub, by Mary Jane Mahan; (Biography). This true story chronicles a small town’s love for its friendly beer pub. Economic renaissance and properly poured pints swept the city as a unique culture began to grow inside this relaxed community-minded pub.

4.  The 45 Second Presentation that Will Change Your Life, by Don Failla; (Career). A virtual training manual on network marketing, Don Failla’s book teaches his method which allows anyone to learn how to own his or her life by building a home-based business.

5.  The Bluegrass Conspiracy, by Sally Denton; (History). When Kentucky Blueblood Drew Thornton parachuted to his death in September 1985, the gruesome end of his startling life blew open a scandal that reached to the most secret circles of the U.S. Government.

6. Leadership as a Habit of Mind, Barbara Mackoff; (Self-Help). Mackoff uncovers the mystery of leadership by investigating what goes on inside a leader’s head. The book follows the lives of real leaders to prove that anyone can use their own past experiences to better their leadership roles. 

7. Rough Air, by Kevin Donovan; (Fiction). Through the eyes of Caroline Woodson, a long-time flight attendant and Alta Airlines veteran, we follow CEO Maynard Brennan’s progression to the top and the circumstances that lead to his murder, including the jockeying of his newly appointed leadership team.

8.  Survive Downsizing, by Donald J. Minnick, Ph.D.; (Career). In an age of economic turmoil, business failure, and downsizing, simply being good at your job is no longer good enough. The Organization Survival model is a practical tool based on hundreds of surveys of hiring managers and survivors of downsizing, conducted in companies ranging from Fortune 100 to small entrepreneurial start-ups.

9.  Rediscovering Cuba, by Jorge Reyes; (Memoir). Curious to unravel the mystery that for many years has enshrouded Cuba, Reyes convinced his mother and aunt to accompany him and revisit their native land, the country they had left behind forty and twenty years respectively.

10.  The 10Ks of Personal Branding, by Kaplan Mobray; (Career). In this inspiring guide, learn how to focus your life’s goals with your life’s actions to create a powerful package called “you.” Filled with easy-to-follow instructions and valuable tips on developing your personal brand, the book’s principles could give you focus and propel your career.

These titles, and the complete iUniverse library, are available for purchase through the online iUniverse bookstore at https://www.iuniverse.com/Bookstore/BookstoreHome.aspx. To learn how to publish a book today, log on to www.iuniverse.com or call 1-800-AUTHORS today.


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