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December “Publishers Weekly” New Self-Publishing Listing Features 11 iUniverse Titles

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (Jan. 20, 2011) —iUniverse, the leading book marketing, editorial services, and supported self-publishing company, had 11 titles recognized among the Publishers Weekly Self-Publishing Listing. Publishers Weekly is a news trade magazine that caters to booksellers, literary agents, publishers and librarians.

The titles featured include:

Tamina teaches sex education to urban teens, falls for a pseudo-Buddhist, and suffers the consequences of a violent attack. She looks for relief in romance and LA’s underground erotic entertainment scene.

The year is 635,039 A.D., the world has descended into an ice age and humans no longer rule the Earth. A post-human race of creatures has emerged and is committed to taking control of the planet.

Levine takes readers on a whirlwind tour of Brooklyn, revealing the places and people she knows and loves.

Alexander Wainwright, Britain's finest landscape artist, finds inspiration when critiqued by rival conceptual artist, Rinaldo, who is determined to undermine, humiliate, and destroy Alex.

A young woman and her dog stumble into an alternate world of interesting and dangerous characters in this grown-up “Through the Looking-Glass” tale.

Two homeless boys lead racecar driver Kurt Maxxon to the body of his friend, local restaurateur Carlos Guerrero. A letter from Guerrero to Maxxon reveals clues he must follow to solve the murder. Meanwhile, Maxxon has a race to win at River Flats.

Michael Shymchuk, a boy from the Canadian prairies, follows the train rails to escape a bitter family life and a failing farm. Meeting a memorable cast of characters along the way, Michael hopes to find a better life on his journey into manhood and self-knowledge.

Anne Ford was a model, artist, and fashion designer in L.A. during the turbulent 1950s and '60s; she was murdered in a burned-out building. This candid exploration of one woman’s life and death ends up revealing unexpected truths about both mother and daughter.

This story of the Revolutionary War in New Jersey shows the conflict from a young man's perspective and reflects real events that few people know about.

A guide for teens who love to write fiction and are looking for answers to their writing questions.

Panettiere, a literary and sports agent, reveals his personal journey through the perplexing world of cyberspace and profiles the financial scam artists lurking behind keyboards and computer screens.


About iUniverse

iUniverse, an Author Solutions, Inc. author services brand, is the leading book marketing, editorial services, and supported self publishing company. The iUniverse management team has extensive editorial and managerial experience with traditional publishers such as Random House, Wiley, Macmillan, Chronicle Books, and Addison-Wesley. iUniverse has a strategic alliance with Chapters Indigo in Canada, and titles accepted into the iUniverse Rising Star program are featured in a special collection on BarnesandNoble.com. Headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, iUniverse also operates offices in Indianapolis. For more information or to publish a book, please visit www.iuniverse.com or call 1-800-AUTHORS.