Exclusive Contracts

When you sign the iUniverse author agreement, you’re granting us an exclusive license to publish the final Work that we create and assign one of our registered Internal Standard Book Numbers (ISBN’s). That final Work includes intellectual property that belongs to you (such as the text of your book, which we call your Manuscript), to us (such as our logos, trade name and the book/ cover design) and, in some cases, to third parties (such as images and fonts). The term "exclusive" means that while you have a contract with iUniverse, we have the exclusive license to publish and distribute the final Work.

This doesn’t mean we own your Manuscript, or that we have an exclusive license to your Manuscript. You are and remain the sole and exclusive owner of all rights in your Manuscript, even if we provide editorial services. If you decide you want to publish your Manuscript with someone else, such as a traditional publisher, another print-on-demand publishing company or an audio book publisher, for example, you may do that at any time. If you decide that you want to publish the final Work with someone else, you can do that as well by terminating the iUniverse author agreement and complying with the terms and conditions governing your continued use of intellectual property owned by us and third parties.

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