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Why iUniverse?

At iUniverse, you can self-publish your book with help from industry-leading insiders. Since we offer the range of professional editorial, marketing, and self-publishing services authors expect from a traditional publisher, your book will be at its best when the time comes to compete in the marketplace.

Three Reasons to Love iUniverse

  • Special recognition programs to reward achievement and success
  • Extensive editorial tools you need to maximize your book's potential for success
  • Worldwide distribution to put you ahead in the marketplace

Editorial Excellence 

You’ve put a lot of work into writing your manuscript, and at iUniverse, we don’t think anything should stand in the way of reaching your publishing goals. We understand that it takes more than simply writing a manuscript to publish a quality book, and that is why we provide our authors with the necessary tools to ensure that they are putting out a professional product. Learn more ›

Worldwide Distribution

Publishing with iUniverse ensures that your title is accessible to thousands of retailers around the globe. Our self-publishing services include the most extensive book distribution network to get your book into the marketplace. Learn more ›

Special recognition programs

One of the only self-publishing programs of its kind, iUniverse's Recognition Program was established to identify, celebrate, and support titles that show a high level of editorial quality and marketability. Many recognized authors have found greater retail success or even traditional publishing offers. This unique program is one exclusive way iUniverse distinguishes itself as a leader in the self-publishing industry. Learn more ›

The Star Program books are republished free of charge under the Star imprint, presented to Barnes & Noble for in-store placement, and offered with attractive retail terms and returnable status. Learn more ›

iUniverse watches up-and-coming authors with proven editorial quality and a strong marketing platform for inclusion in the Rising Star program. Benefits include presentation of your book to major retailers, such as Barnes & Noble, for possible placement within bookstores. Learn more ›

The Editor's Choice designation opens the door to our higher-level programs and designations. Our Editorial Board selects Editor's Choice titles based on a positive Editorial Evaluation. These titles have the essential editorial qualities of a professionally published book. Learn more ›