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Book Review Services

Credibility is an essential attribute that can elevate your book’s reputation and marketability. An objective and professional review of your book can provide the credibility you need for your book to succeed.

A book review is an excellent way to generate interest for your title. Getting a positive book review will give your title the stamp of approval that readers, buyers and retailers rely on when considering which titles are worth purchasing. iUniverse believes in upholding quality and excellence in every book it produces. That is why it has partnered with the literary industry’s most respected book review services.

Kirkus Indie Book Review - Basic

Since 1933, Kirkus Reviews has provided book reviews for an influential audience of librarians, bookstore managers, literary agents, industry watchers, and more. With more than 75 years of experience in serving the book and literary industry, Kirkus has established the benchmark for high quality, well-written books.

The Trifecta Review

An objective, critical, and positive book review is a priceless tool for your title. Not only does it recognize the quality of your writing, it will help elevate your book’s credibility and marketing potential. With its Trifecta Review Service, iUniverse offers a unique book marketing platform that gives you the choice of having three of the most respected reviewers in the industry—Kirkus Reviews, ForeWord Book Reviews, and Blueink Reviews—give you a professional and objective critique of your work.

Review Duo Services

Reviews are a critical element in generating buzz for your book. Reputable book reviews can turn potential readers into actual readers – maybe even fans. With the Review Duo services from iUniverse, you can have your book critiqued by well respected reviewers from The Pacific Book Review and The US Review of Books.