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Author Services

iUniverse offers all of the professional services you would expect from any traditional publishing house: editorial, design, production, marketing, and publicity. What sets us apart from other self-publishing companies is that our services are developed and managed by industry veterans.

Evaluation ServicesEvaluation Services

One key feature that makes an iUniverse book distinct from other self-published books is our evaluations for both editorial quality and marketing potential.

Production ServicesProduction Services

Preparing your manuscript for submission is as simple as letting us take care of getting it ready for publication.

Editorial ServicesEditorial Services

Typos and grammatical errors are not the only mistakes that can keep your manuscript from being a quality publication. Our editorial lineup includes more than a dozen book editing services to lift the quality of your book to professional, marketable standards.

Marketing & Publicity ServicesMarketing Services

If you want your book to sell, you’ll want to do more than just hope for the best. Our selection of promotional products and services allows authors to build a dynamic platform for effective bookselling and promotion. Create your marketing plan and materials with our simple step-by-step tools.

Formats - LargeBook Formats

Through digital print-on-demand (POD) technology, we can offer our authors three distinct formats for their books.

Bookselling ServicesBookselling Services

Once your book is published, we will make your book available for order online with online retail outlets worldwide. Our bookselling promotional services provide you the opportunity to actively promote your book.

Design ServicesDesign Services

Our team will work with you—incorporating your photos, graphics, sketches, and ideas—to create a professional book cover that beautifully represents your book's contents.