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The iUniverse Kirkus Premium package combines four effective and powerful platforms for promoting your self-published title to literary agents, traditional publishing houses, booksellers and, most importantly, book buyers.

With this package, you will receive:

  • Kirkus Express Review - Receive your book review within 4 to 6 weeks from the time of your book’s submission to Kirkus.*
  • Kirkus Catalog (1 of 4 slots) - A one-quarter page advertisement in a full color catalog distributed to Kirkus’ database of industry influencers which includes librarians, publishers, booksellers, book buyers and decision makers.
  • Kirkus Magazine (1 of 4 slots) - Get more print visibility for your book with a black-and-white advertisement within the pages of the Kirkus Reviews magazine. Make your book one of the four titles advertised in the page.
  • Kirkus Title Express - Increase your book’s exposure with a personalized online banner ad while simultaneously engaging visitors through an organized online seeding campaign where they can get digital BookStubs for free. 

* Titles must not exceed 500 pages to be eligible for the Kirkus Express Review. Titles with pages in excess of 500 will only be eligible for the Standard review.

 Please Note: The views and opinions expressed in Kirkus reviews, whether favorable or unfavorable, cannot be controlled, altered or removed by iUniverse. 

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Call 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677) to order now!