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Reader's Digest Value - Single Slot


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In a hugely competitive literary world where books are a dime a dozen, standing out is a major challenge. The buck does not stop at getting your book published. You have to get the word out there. iUniverse has tapped into the massive market of Reader’s Digest and gives authors the opportunity to place size- and circulation-dependent ads in this highly esteemed publication.

All Reader’s Digest marketing bundles come with a publicity service designed to highlight your inclusion in this highly respectable publication.

Value Bundles are sent to 1.5 million select Reader’s Digest consumers.

Reader’s Digest Value (Single Slot)

  • Single Slot Ad (1 out of 6 slots)
  • Essential Edition Press Release that includes:
    • Customized one-page press release based on information you provide about your book
    • Delivery of your press release to a minimum of 500 media outlets chosen based on location, your book’s genre and more
    • The option to decide on the press release date
    • One month of press-release tracking

Reader's Digest Value Single Sample

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Call 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677) to order now!