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Marketing Rx Referral

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Not available for purchase. Only given to books recognized as Editor's Choice.

When you receive a Marketing Evaluation, the evaluator will not only tell you what is missing from your plan, he will give you a specific recommendation for the exact level of changes needed. We call this recommendation a Marketing Rx Referral. Through the Marketing Rx Referral, an evaluator will recommend the services of an appropriate marketing specialist. You may then purchase those services from iUniverse. Our Marketing Services staff will assign your book to a specialist who will address the issues raised in the Marketing Evaluation and give your manuscript the professional attention that it would receive at a traditional publishing house.

If you receive a Marketing Rx Referral with a recommendation for a particular marketing package, you have the option to make the changes yourself, hire your own marketing expert or employ one of our carefully selected marketing professionals. The choice is yours. The recommendations in the Marketing Rx Referral are simply suggestions on how to improve your marketing efforts. They are by no means requirements. Authors always have the final work at iUniverse and the Rx Referral program is no exception.

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For more information about the Marketing Rx Referral, call 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677).

Call 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677) to order now!