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At iUniverse, we give you the freedom to choose a ghostwriter you believe best reflects your vision.  In order for one of our professional writers to be assigned to your story, the Ghostwriting Estimate and Sample process must be purchased.  After that process is complete, you may take advantage of our Ghostwriting service to create the book you want. As is the case with most publishing companies, your ghostwriting estimate will depend on the individual ghostwriter you select.

The fee to write the complete manuscript will depend on the expected length of the manuscript, the materials provided by the author, and the amount of independent research expected of the ghostwriter. Once ghostwriting is completed, a copyedit will be performed at no extra charge.

"First and foremost, I need to give you a major round of applause! You are AMAZING! I read both documents that you sent and was beyond impressed. You managed to capture the direction that I want this to go, clean up and add just what is appropriate. Not being a professional writer, you managed to convey exactly what is rattling around in my head. The dialogue is great and the added descriptions are fantastic!
In a nutshell, I love every single thing you have changed, added to, enhanced or slipped in dialogue. You are taking this book and my thoughts exactly where I want them to go. Thank you! Thank you! I feel like you really get it."

-Brienne Joelle, author of Cupcakes & Cocaine

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Call 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677) to order now!