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Footnote Formatting

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Adding footnotes to your manuscript can be very useful. iUniverse follows the Chicago Manual of Style citation guidelines when inserting footnotes for you. Most often, footnotes are used as a replacement for long, explanatory notes.They can also be used for other various reasons:

  • To direct the reader to more information pertaining to the subject in the main text;
  • To reference a quote or viewpoint; or
  • To use as an alternative to parenthetical references.

Footnotes are indicated by a superscript number that corresponds to a note at the bottom of the page that is written in a smaller font and labeled with the same number. It also includes the citation number in superscript and contains the full citation the first time the source is cited. Every subsequent citation of the source only requires an abbreviated citation. The first line of all footnotes is indented, single spaced, and without extra space between references.

Timing: During design process

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Call 1-800-AUTHORS (288-4677) to order now!